6 Jobs with the Highest Injury Rate

Some jobs are inherently more dangerous than others. Discover six jobs with the highest injury rate & find information about workers’ compensation claims!
Several construction workers carrying cement along the side of a building on a job site in one of the jobs that has one of the highest injury rates.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that in 2021, there were over 5100 fatal work-related injuries in the US, representing a 9% increase from the 4764 in the previous year. While injuries are a common and unfortunate part of working, some jobs remain far more perilous than others. Getting hurt is an unpleasant experience, but when you have been injured during your duties, it can add to the pain and complications of your injury.

If you or a loved one has suffered work-related injuries, you could be entitled to workers’ compensation regardless of whether the injury resulted from your own fault. It takes experienced and knowledgeable workers’ compensation attorneys to help you file your claim and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Here are six jobs with the highest injury rate with more useful information about other jobs, eligibility requirements, and more.

Occupations with the Highest Injury Rate

The following are six of the jobs with the highest injury risk according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA):

1. Construction Workers

Construction workers undertake several duties, most carrying a high risk of injury. These jobs expose workers to an environment where heavy machinery, tools, and materials can fall on them. They also work at great heights with potential slip and fall risks. Missteps on ladders and inappropriate machinery use are some of the reasons for devastating injuries in this profession.

2. Roofers

With a fatal injury rate of 47 per 100,000 workers, roofing jobs are undoubtedly among the most dangerous professions out there. Roofers are exposed to the risk of falls from the high roofs they are working on or the ladders they use to access their site. Some also get injured by mishaps occasioned by faulty equipment or poor machinery handling.

3. Fishing and Hunting jobs

OSHA estimates the fatal injury rate for fishing and hunting workers to be 75.2 per 100 000 workers, making this profession the most dangerous with the highest injury rate. These professionals work on heavy equipment in hazardous conditions that expose them to a range of dangers. Attacks from wildlife and drowning are often the reason cited behind the injuries. Similarly, mishaps during heavy machinery use can also contribute to debilitating injuries on the job.

4. Agricultural Workers

Agricultural workers have various responsibilities, from maintaining crops and caring for livestock to operating farm machinery. Heavy machinery and farm tools are typically the primary cause behind many injuries and fatalities in this field. Agricultural workers can also get injured by the livestock they are caring for.

5. Delivery and Truck Drivers

Delivery and truck drivers have a fatal injury rate of 25.8% per 100,000 workers. Drivers face several hazards on the job due to the high risk of motor vehicle accidents. Additionally, drivers spend countless hours at the wheel, which may give rise to repetitive strain injuries (RSI).

6. Structural Workers

Structural workers work on iron and steel materials to construct lathe structures for different applications. These workers often climb on ladders and operate heavy machinery to lift, load and unload materials. These duties expose them to the risk of injuries from falling objects and slips and falls.

Other jobs with the highest injury rate:
  • Pilots and flight engineers
  • Garbage collectors
  • Mining machine operators
  • Derrick operators in oil, gas, and mining
  • Firefighters
  • Power linemen
  • Crossing guards
  • Crane operators
  • Highway maintenance workers
  • Police officers

Why You Should Retain a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

When you are hurt at the workplace, you could be entitled to workers’ compensation that covers medical expenses, lost wages, rehabilitation costs, and other damages. However, launching your claim is not always an easy undertaking. You may encounter various legal hurdles that could lead to your compensation being denied unfairly. Workers who have been hurt need to know their legal rights and responsibilities, including those of their employers.

Retaining a workers’ compensation lawyer can help you through the claims process. A workers’ compensation attorney from Renfro & Renfro, PLLC will guide you on launching a successful claim. They will also help you avoid pitfalls that could lead to your compensation being denied, including missed deadlines, skipping medical attention, and failure to report the injury.

What are the eligibility requirements for a workers’ compensation claim?

Every state creates and maintains strict workers’ compensation laws to prevent fraud. These rules include eligibility requirements that injured workers must meet before receiving their compensation.

The following are some of the eligibility requirements for a workers’ compensation claim in Richmond, Virginia:

  • Your employer must be mandated to provide workers’ compensation benefits (if they have three or more employees they are required to have workers’ compensation insurance).
  • You must prove your current injuries, illness, or disability were explicitly caused by carrying out duties related to your job.
  • You must notify your superiors of the injury within 30 days.
  • You must seek medical attention and obtain a medical report for your injuries.

Nobody expects to get hurt at work. However, despite our efforts to keep hazards at bay, workplace injuries are part of every profession. An injury at work can result in massive medical bills, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and more.

Contact Richmond, Virginia, Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

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