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Legal Liability in Virginia Truck Accidents

Truck accident cases are substantially more legally complex than crashes involving only passenger vehicles. Truck accidents also often cause much more severe injuries than auto collisions. If you’re injured in a truck crash, our truck accident lawyers at Renfro & Renfro make certain that you receive the full financial recovery you deserve. From our Richmond office, we serve clients throughout the metro area and Commonwealth of Virginia.

Injuries from a truck accident can significantly impact your life and require extensive recovery. Our lawyers carry the burden of securing your compensation, while you focus on getting better. We build a close working relationship with each client, which gives you the confidence that your legal interests are fully protected. Our results-driven litigation strategy ensures vigorous and diligent representation throughout the process.

A primary reason for the legal complexity of a truck accident case is that often there are multiple parties who are potentially legally responsible — so there likely are multiple insurance policies and companies involved. A truck crash also frequently involves issues of federal law and regulations, in addition to the state laws that apply in any accident case.

Federal laws and regulations that govern trucking activities are extremely complicated. They regulate driver conduct, as well as activities by those who own, maintain, and inspect trucks, among other matters. A violation of any provision can trigger liability by one or more of the companies that are part of the transportation chain.

Unlike an auto accident, where a negligent driver is usually the only responsible party, a truck accident may result in liability of not only the truck driver but of the driver’s employer, as well as the owner or lessee of the truck or trailer (in the case of an 18-wheeler accident), manufacturer of the truck or trailer, shipping company, loading company, truck broker, and maintenance companies that service the truck and trailer. Each of those potentially liable parties has their own insurance policy and company.

Pursuing a truck injury claim requires filing with all insurance companies who may be responsible. When a truck accident involves multiple parties and insurance companies, as is often the case, it is likely that those who are potentially liable do business in or reside in a state other than Virginia. That fact complicates an injured victim’s claim even more.

Talking with an insurance company after an accident is never a good idea. That rule holds especially true after a truck accident, where multiple insurance companies may be involved. If any insurance representatives contact you, refer them to your lawyer. If you don’t already have an attorney when they start calling, contact our truck accident lawyers at Renfro & Renfro. Your case evaluation is free and without obligation.

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Compensation For Truck Accident Injuries

Truck accidents frequently cause severe injuries that require hospitalization and extended treatment and rehabilitation. Medical costs alone can be astronomical. If you receive a truck accident injury and someone else’s negligence caused the accident, you need to make certain that you secure all the compensation you deserve.

Virginia personal injury law provides specific, broad-based compensation for accident injuries caused by another person’s negligence. Damages include reimbursement of financial costs for medical bills and treatment (past, present, and future) and lost wages, as well as non-economic losses such as pain and suffering and lost earning capacity.

Calculating compensation in any personal injury case is a complex task. That is especially true when a truck accident causes significant harm that affects your life and your family for a long period of time.

To learn about the full amount of compensation you deserve to recover, it’s essential to talk with an experienced Virginia truck accident lawyer. Your attorney gathers extensive information from you about your medical treatment, other aspects of your injuries, and the impact on your life before determining the fair amount of compensation for your injuries. With that information in hand, your attorney calculates compensation, explains the basis for your damages, and discusses your options for proceeding.

Truck Accident Investigation & Representation

A truck accident requires investigation that is much more extensive than a passenger vehicle accident. In addition to collecting police reports and other evidence normally gathered during an accident investigation, your lawyer must secure records relating to the truck driver, the truck and trailer, and the trucking company. Those records are essential to evaluating potential violations of federal trucking laws and regulations.

Investigating a truck accident required special knowledge and skill. Your lawyer must know and understand all the federal and state laws that apply, in order to complete a thorough investigation.

If you’re injured in a truck crash, you should turn to an attorney who has truck accident experience and the knowledge to correctly analyze the case. Our truck accident lawyers at Renfro & Renfro have extensive experience and skill in handling truck accidents and in securing full compensation for clients injured in truck crashes.

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If you suffered injuries in a truck crash, our Virginia truck accident lawyers are here to help you. Our Richmond injury attorneys aggressively pursue compensation for truck accident clients with all potentially responsible parties, exploring all avenues of liability available under state and federal law. If you lost a loved one in a truck accident, our attorneys can help you and your family pursue a Virginia wrongful death claim.

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