7 Jobs with High Risk for Auto Accidents

Learn about the top seven occupations with high risk for auto accidents and how a Virginia accident lawyer can help.
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Some professions require employees to drive. This increased time on the road also increases the risk of auto accidents. However, getting into an accident while working is more complicated than when it happens while driving for personal reasons. There are more potentially liable parties, and you may be entitled to make a workers’ compensation claim. The Virginia accident lawyers from Renfro & Renfro, PLLC can help file your claim.

7 Jobs with High Risk for Auto Accidents

1. Truck Driver 

One profession that gets recognized as being on the road the most is truck drivers. Individuals employed to drive a truck or large vehicle have a profession that puts them at greater risk of an accident. In addition to the time spent on the road, the larger vehicles are harder to navigate and stop. This reduces reaction time and increases the risk of an accident. Finally, because these vehicles are larger, they have more components. The heavy use and increased components result in greater repairs and maintenance needs. If the driver’s company doesn’t properly maintain the vehicles, this can also increase the risk of an accident. Common truck driving professions include: 

  • Dry van 
  • Freight 
  • Flatbed 
  • Tanker 
  • Refrigerated 
  • LTL 
  • Regional 
  • Local
  • Auto 
  • Hotshot 

2. Courier or Delivery Driver 

Similar to a truck driver, a courier or delivery driver spends their entire day on the road. These professions focus entirely on driving, which results in these individuals being on the road almost 100% of the time. However, unlike many truck drivers, couriers and delivery drivers stay more local. This presents a unique challenge of navigating more compact roads with more congested passenger traffic. 

3. Utility Service Technician 

Utility service professionals spend their day driving from one home or business to another. They typically start each day with a list of appointments and are required to drive from one appointment to the next as part of their employment. This can put them on the road for much of their day. Service appointment times also vary throughout the day. This can put service technicians on the road from early morning until late at night. This increases the risk of an accident by being on the road when other drivers are tired or during rush hour traffic. Common utility service professions include: 

  • Plumber
  • Electrician 
  • Internet 
  • Gas 
  • Phone 
  • Cable company 

4. Construction Worker 

There are several times when being a construction worker requires them to drive. This could be driving to a construction site. It could also be driving equipment to and from the job site. Finally, it could be picking up and delivering materials. Construction vehicles are also roughly treated, which can increase the risk of a vehicle malfunction that results in an accident. 

5. Limo or Car Service Driver 

Individuals that are drivers for a limo or car service have a job that requires them to drive. Because they drive for clients, they could drive all over their territory. This could result in driving in unfamiliar areas, which increases the risk of an accident as their attention is split between driving and navigation. In addition, distractions are higher as passengers can be talkative or loud. Finally, their employment could require them to drive late into the night. This increases the risk of an accident as there is a greater risk of other drivers being under the influence of alcohol

6. Landscaping and Lawn Care 

A landscaper or lawn service employee must drive to each property to be able to perform their service. They also have to haul a trailer with the necessary equipment. Driving with a trailer is challenging, as it reduces maneuverability and reaction time. Other drivers are not always aware of this, which can result in an accident. 

7. Maids or Cleaning Service 

As a professional cleaner or maid, you are required to drive to each client’s location to perform your service. This can put you on the road for a significant amount of time. You also must cater to the client’s availability time. By driving on the road at all times and any day of the week, you are at greater risk because of the changing driving conditions. 

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If your profession requires you to be on the road, then you face the risk of getting into an accident while on the job. Even the best drivers cannot prevent other drivers from causing auto accidents. If you get injured while driving as a part of your employment, you may be entitled to file a workers’ compensation claim

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