Will I get paid for time missed from work?

Yes, you will get paid for the time you missed from work depending on certain circumstances. Generally, if you miss work because of a work injury, you are entitled to receive lost wage benefits. For instance, when your doctor takes you totally out of work, the insurance company should pay you lost wage benefits. Now, these benefits are based on the amount of money you made before you were injured. The insurance company is required to pay you two-thirds of the average amount of money you made per week before your accident happened. Generally, you are entitled to receive up to 500 weeks of lost wage benefits, unless you are permanently and totally disabled. If you are permanently and totally disabled, you are entitled to wage loss benefits for the rest of your life. Permanent total disability can result from a brain injury, permanent disability to two extremities, and in other circumstances.

If your doctor does not take you totally out of work and puts you on light duty, you are still entitled to wage loss benefits, however, you must look for a job to be entitled to these benefits. The Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission has particular guidelines that must be followed to receive wage loss benefits in these circumstances.

Additionally, if your doctor puts you on light duty following your workplace accident, your employer may offer you light duty work. If your employer does offer you light duty work, they must comply with all the work restrictions given to you by your doctor. Now, if the work is within your restrictions, you should accept the position offered by your employer. Depending on how much they pay you following your return to work, you may be entitled to wage loss benefits. It is important to speak with a Virginia workers’ compensation lawyer who can advise you of your rights to wage loss benefits.


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