7 Nightmares You Can Avoid After an Accident With the Right Attorney

Avoid these nightmares after an accident by getting in touch with the right personal accident attorney
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When you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident, the actions you take in the first few minutes to hours after the event are the most critical in the entire claims process. One certain thing is that the insurance company will look for opportunities to discredit your injuries or heap fault on you in a bid to deny or reduce your claim. 

To protect your rights, it is best to talk to an experienced Virginia personal injury attorney from Renfro & Renfro, PLLC, as soon as possible. We will handle your claim from the beginning and do our best to protect your rights to fair compensation rights. 

Missteps to Avoid by Hiring the Right Lawyer After an Accident 

1. Dealing With the Insurance Adjuster

Dealing with insurance companies is often a nightmarish experience. It is generally advisable that you exercise a lot of caution when talking with an insurance adjuster after an accident. Insurance adjusters are skilled in asking questions in a way that may lead you to admit fault or downplay the extent of your injuries, which could reduce the compensation you are entitled to. To avoid saying something that could be used against you in the claims process, always talk with the adjuster in the presence of your attorney or refer all their questions to your lawyer. 

2. Failing to Keep Crucial Evidence

Evidence is critical to the success of your personal injury case. In essence, anything relating to your case should be collected, kept safe, and ready to hand over when needed. This could include photos of the accident scene, injuries, and details of relevant witnesses. You should also keep receipts of all expenditures you have had to make due to your injuries and any financial losses you have incurred. A reliable attorney can help collect and process the evidence so you focus on recovery. 

3. Agreeing to Use Your Insurer’s Legal Representatives

Some insurers may try and convince you to use legal representatives approved by them. Remember, the insurance company doesn’t have your interest at heart. This means their attorneys will likely be working to safeguard their interests, not yours. It is best to shop for the right lawyer to protect your rights and ensure you get adequate compensation for your injuries and losses. 

4. Settling Too Quickly

After the accident, you may still be in shock following the aftermath. As mentioned earlier, insurance adjusters are trained to manipulate victims in a bid to secure their company’s best interests. Speaking to an insurance adjuster too soon may lead to settling your claim for less than you deserve. Remember, some accident injuries may take days or weeks to manifest fully. Soon after the accident, you may not yet know the full extent of your damages and future medical expenses, and settling too quickly is ultimately disadvantageous to you. A good attorney will ensure you don’t settle for less than you deserve.

5. Underestimating Future Damages

Accidents can affect different aspects of life in various ways, making it difficult to isolate and measure their individual impacts. Psychological and emotional effects such as trauma, anxiety, depression, and PTSD may not immediately manifest and usually takes time to fully understand and evaluate. A skilled attorney will help you consider all potential future damages, such as ongoing medical treatment, rehabilitation costs, and support systems you need to tackle potential future medical issues. They collaborate with experts such as medical professionals and psychologists to understand the specific long-term consequences of injuries. 

6. Long Legal Delays

Personal injury cases related to accidents are complex legal matters that require careful consideration of various factors. Unfortunately, courts have significant caseloads, which may lead to delays in negotiations, scheduling hearings, and trials. An experienced attorney will work efficiently to avoid unnecessary delays and expedite the process where possible. Usually, most personal injury cases are resolved through settlements outside of court systems. The right attorney can negotiate effectively with the insurance company and reach a fair settlement sooner.  

7. Losing the Case

Undoubtedly, losing a claim following an accident those results in severe injuries is your worst nightmare. However, it can happen, especially when you lack legal representation. An experienced attorney will fight for your rights and increase your chances of a successful outcome.

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Regardless of its severity, getting into an accident can be an overwhelming and traumatic experience. In the ensuing confusion, staying calm and taking the necessary steps to protect your rights and ensure a smooth compensation process is crucial.

If you have been injured in an accident and need help with your case, Renfro & Renfro‘s experienced Virginia personal injury attorneys are here to assist. We understand the process can be complex and intimidating, so call us today at (804) 601-4433 or contact us online for a free consultation. Let our team guide you through your claim and help you receive your deserved compensation.

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