How Do I Know If I Have a Personal Injury Case?

You won’t know if you have a personal injury case for sure until you speak with a personal injury lawyer. Sure, you may believe you have a case based on an accident’s circumstances, your own knowledge or past experiences. However, personal injury claims can be complicated and differ from one case to another. 

This is because making the determination requires analyzing the facts and circumstances of the accident collected during investigation and applying the laws to those facts. Applying the laws to the facts can be done from your own research, however, it’s best to let an attorney do so in order to receive the right legal defense and compensation. So, the only way to truly know whether you have a legal claim is to talk with an experienced personal injury attorney

Thankfully, Renfro & Renfro has helped numerous clients with their personal injury cases and can not only help you determine if you have a case but also represent you during your personal injury claim. Contact us or schedule a free consultation with one of our Virginia Personal Injury lawyers to see if you have a case today.


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