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A Relationship That Gets Results


We received exceptional customer service from this legal team!

A special note of gratitude to the entire team! You all made what was a challenging time; less challenging and ultimately a positive experience!

Again; thanks so much, and we will not hesitate to speedily recommend your team!

– Shelly G., ★★★★★ Review

Thank you Mr Renfro for everything! Best workers compensation lawyer and his team!! Thanks for believing in me and my case!!

– Sierra J., ★★★★★ Review

My experience with the law firm of Renfo and Renfro and their staff was very pleasing. They were very caring and helpful. Always explained and treated me with a caring heart not just as a client but more.

Thank You.

I would recommend you to my family and friends anyday.

Thanks Again Daniel for a job well done!!!

– Wanda D., ★★★★★ Review

Outstanding representation.

– Adrian R., ★★★★★ Review

Mr. Renfro did so much for me and my family and great time of need. I got injured and he stood by me for months working on my case. I never had to call his office he always called me to let me know if there was anything that I needed to do or if there was a change in my case. He walked me through the process with ease and he actually made it pretty interesting. I would highly recommend him if you are in need of a great Workmen’s Comp. attorney. Contact him immediately.

– Anonymous, ★★★★★ Review

Mr. Renfro assisted me in a time of great need, and exceeded my expectations. Mr. Renfro explained my case to me before we appeared in court, and did all the talking during the hearing, which was a great relief. After court Mr. Renfro went to the Clerk's Office with me and made sure that all the loose ends with my case were tied up. And after court, he wrote me a letter summarizing what had happened, and what I needed to do, which ended up being nothing. The thing I appreciated most about Mr. Renfro was that he was constantly in contact with me when there was a development in my case, and I felt at ease with him as my attorney.

– Sarah, ★★★★★ Review

This firm was everything I needed them to be and more. I would refer them to anyone. I worked with Dan, Tiffany and Molly and have never met more fun and professional people in my life. I thank you all.

– Michael N., ★★★★★ Review

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Do I Have a Case?

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